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This company relies on bait & switch tactics, charging people restocking fees on items that were never even shipped, and selling sub-standard, grey-market products. Their customer service is horrendous to say the least. Even the owner Greg has no idea how to deal with legitimate complaints & instead of resolving the issue chooses to say he doesn't have to deal with any cusomer if he doesn't want to after promises were mahe on a conference call with my credit card company to make things right & then hung up on me.

The whole issue stems from and order that was placed for a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. This is one of those companies that instead of just sending whatever you order, they make you call in to verify you order it. While on the phone, they hard-sell other things like batteries, chargers, filters or even other lenses, which was the case with me. The person I spoke to said the lens I wanted was out of stock but he could offer me another, better one with a warranty, filters & free shipping for $400 more. My gut said no, but my mouth said yes. Thankfully the card I tried to use was expired. They were supposed to call back an hour later, but they never did, which gave me time to not only research the lens but Digital Depot Online also.

I went back on their site & noted they were still showing the Canon lens I wanted as available, so I placed a New order with a Different credit card. Later that day, I got the confirmation e-mail, but instead of the Canon lens, it showed the sub-standard lens I did not want. I immediately called the new credit card company to make sure the charges would be voided as fraud & together we called Digital Depot Online. After a very acrimonious conversation, Greg from DDO advised he would send the Canon lens with a 5-year warranty, 3-filter kit & free expedited shipping for $899.98. The call was recorded by the credit card company.

After 4 days of no response to 2 emails regarding the status of my order, we called Digital Depot Online again. After another incrediably rude conversation, Greg (the owner) advised he didn't have to deal with me no matter what he stated previously & hung up.

In addition to all of this, I discovered through the original credit card company's alert system that Digital Depot Online attempted to charge that card 3 times, the last time for $299.98 which was never an authorized amount. I've since had to cancel that card & am considering filing fraud charges per the card company's advise.

Google this company's name. If you don't already have enough information from this post, you will shortly after your google search.

Review about: Bait And Switch.



Thank you for taking the time to help others.I was going to order a camera, but thought the price offered was too good to be true.

From your experience, I guess it was!:eek

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